The Möbius Strip


is a mathematical peculiarity   – A strip, which has only one side and one edge. Wherever you start  to trace it with your finger and no matter how many times you repeat it, you always come back to your starting point. You  get  from one side to the other  without going over the edge.

Art and mathematics  sometimes are perceived as  irreconcilable sides. However,  if wie see them  only as two sides of a Möbius strip, then wie might notice, that one transforms into the other.  The   Möbius strip is a symbol of solving  a supposed  contradiction  and to combine two different topics.

On Mö  we show  you a variety of works of art that not only  refer to the Mobius strip, but also to  other mathematical phenomena.   It is very exciting to discover a smooth transition between logic and associative thinking.


Mö offers art with mathematical terms.

We offer you   on Mö  art  dealing with mathematical topics.   We would like to open a new visual  aesthetic access to topics, that normaly can be shown only in a  very abstract way..


Select a free-designed artwork or order a individual design.

You will find on this site a variety of mathematical accentuated artworks on various topics.   In addition, however it is also possible,  to design  your ideas to phenomena of mathematics   in an artistic  individual way.   To let implement commission.   In order to capture the range of realization possibilities, you can  seen under the heading skills  (Kompetenzen) different most non-mathematical works of art. These can also give an idea of form and technique.

A special Gift for others or yourself

It is often not easy for people, who are passionate about mathematics to  find an aesthetic gift from this topic. To extend this offer clearly is one of the intention of Mö


Inspiring   new approaches  to mathematical    Issues

To extend mathematical question to an artistic perspective, that will not be logical in the first place, could be a starting point for a new way of well-known mathematical problems, which could be your  favourite area in this field.


Please if you are interested call or e-mail contact us. We wish you lots of fun and entertainment with your visit to this website.

Joachim Eriksen and Martin Kahle

Here you get a quick, but not complete overview of the offered works:   Overview

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Joachim Eriksen


combines   the art and mathematics with an artistic interpretation of mathematical phenomena.


Martin Kahle


is   professionally in   the world of numbers  and operates on   Mö for marketing and customer contacts.